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IamBack sensation world AIR-JORDAN-X "I" m Back "after a lapse of 17 months, Jordan return to the stadium, this let the world Jordan fans seem to see the hope of life. In 1995, Nike has just launched the latest Jordan 10 generation soon after the great Michael Jordan returned to the embrace of NBA, writing his magical brilliant history. In return Jordan before. Nike early market Jordan 10 only 3 colors, white / grey, black and white / blue. Jordan comeback after Nike immediately launched 5 City limited. Including New York, Chicago, and other famous Seattle City theme colors, each limited edition of only several thousand pairs of shoes you can imagine, these shoes. As soon as it was sold out. Especially after the first Jordan comeback game wearing white / Bordeaux is particularly welcome.

The introduction of the 10 generation also coincides with the Jordan series 10th anniversary anniversary, but also marks a sports brand The myth of the birth. There was no history of a player endorsement of the series can continue so long time. Jordan the 10 generation of the most special place in its sole, above record Jordan 85 to 94 of the 10 honors and special experience. For the people once again to Michael awe. From 10 Jordan on behalf of us can some shadow shoes now, 1995 is a new peak sports shoe design ideas, Jordan 10 looks more concise, the vamp can't even find any sign of Jordan and Nike, flying logo appears only in the sole and heel, and reduced, which reflects the designer's unique simple and elegant style, also represents Jordan out of the ordinary temperament, still built using air cushion technology, shoe buckle with elastic design, lace is still round, followed by the increase of shoes With the rings, in tiny links have been able to see the designer in addition to Jordan, Pippin did show ingenuity. Many players through the shoes.

With the memorable Jordan ten debut, Jordan returned to the NBA. Ten generations of Mens Air Jordan 30 in the end use of ultra lightweight Phylon material, let Jordan physical play to the limit. In the sole external account of Jordan at the NBA Stadium on the ride is a 10 year under the brilliant record. In the United States, Jordan is the ten generation the city limits listed a total of 5 kinds of color, the color of which is listed, all black with red and white styles popular. In March 19, 1995, Jordan returned to the NBA stadium, again wearing the Bulls again. This time Jordan wore the number 45 Jersey, the number he used in high school game. Jordan scored 28 throw in 7, scored 19 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, the Bulls lost 96-103 to the Pacers overtime team. Sneakers with soul AIR-JORDAN-XI

AIR JORDAN I In 1984, after winning a national title at the University of North Carolina and a Gold Medal at the Olympic games in Los Angeles, Michael Jordan was selected 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Draft. That year Nike also signed Michael to a five-year endorsement contract worth a reported $2.5 million (plus royalties). There was initially some skepticism over the hefty contract being given to an unproven marketing commodity, but MJ was quick to prove the critics wrong. In 1985, Nike gave Jordan and his signature line of sneakers and apparel a unique logo - clearly, this line was created to be very different from Nike's previous basketball efforts. Designer Peter Moore was given the task of coming up with the first Air Jordan shoe. The Air Jordan 1 featured the Nike Swoosh on the mid panel and a newly designed wings logo on the upper ankle. The first Air Jordan was similar in design to other popular Nike models released in the 1980s such as the Air Force 1, Terminator and Dunk. The Air Jordan I featured a Nike Air unit for heel cushioning, padded foam ankle collars for additional protection and a toe overlay for added lockdown. Although the AJ 1 lacked technology, the colors and cultural significance set the sneaker industry on its ear. The Air Jordan 1 paved the way for colorful basketball sneakers. It transformed the way people looked at athletic shoes. During the 1985 NBA season, Michael wore the Air Jordan 1, which retailed for $65 - at the time, the most expensive basketball shoe on the market. The AJ I Black/Red colorway was banned by the NBA because of rules regarding shoe colors; Jordan was fined $5,000 for every game he wore them (Nike gladly footed the bill, as the fines created even more buzz around the Air Jordan 1). MJ's rookie campaign resulted in an All-Star appearance, Rookie of the Year honors and leading the Bulls to the playoffs after a four-year absence. Michael wore the Air Jordan I Red/White/Black as he scored 63 points against the Boston Celtics in the 1986 playoffs. Although the Bulls ended up losing to the Larry Bird-led Celtics, Michael showed that he was one of the bright young stars in the NBA.

Jordan 11 was launched in November 1995, Jordan is in the 95-96 season but not boots. Jordan 11 Jordan Series in the tripod to carry the work, it has a profound influence on the entire Nike basketball shoes. From the design perspective, Jordan 11 breakthrough with leather shoes as the surface material, which has become a symbol of the high-end basketball shoes. At the same time using the full palm built-in air cushion technology, combined with the use of the plastic fibre board full palm in the bottom, so that the whole pair of shoes to the extreme in this index shock.. it is worth noting that the built-in air cushion technology for inside players may be too soft, but to play the guard and small forward the type of player comfortable comfortable foot feeling just perfect. And the rapid reaction of the sense of field is not inferior to any one pair of shoes with full palm cushion technology. The sole use of crystal rubber, this looks transparent material is made of synthetic rubber and compression, note that this material is likely because of the excessive light illumination and long-term oxidation yellowing. But when the surface is clean, has a strong grip. In addition, the sole part as well as the faint JUMPMAN the words. Lacing system makes Jordan the 11 generation of wear off very easily, but because the shoe body adopt reticular fiber makes the whole shoes greatly reduce weight, Jordan is a series of the most portable. The only drawback is likely due to the long wearing shoes to produce functional decline.

In short, the new design of the 11 generation of Jordan Jordan basketball shoes series has never appeared in the "guard basketball shoes", for Jordan, not even the whole history of the development of basketball shoes is just classic so simple. Maybe we can say that this is the watershed between new and old basketball shoes. If AirForceI and the 1 generation is the ancestor of Jordan basketball shoes, so Jordan 11 generation is the most important milepost in the history of the development of basketball shoes.

The 95 / 96 season, Jordan comeback after the first of the season, the Bulls won 72 games to create a NBA record in the regular season, Jordan eighth scoring titles, and was re elected in the all star game in MVP. Jordan led the Bulls back to the finals, and the total score of 4-2 beat West Seattle, won the NBA Championship fourth times, Jordan was re elected to the MVP finals, won the three title of the season MVP.